Normal Responses to Abnormal Events: How to Teach Children in Wartime

The traumatic events of the last two months have greatly affected adults and children, and teachers and students need to adjust the educational process under these conditions. The “New Ukrainian School” learned about the intricacies of teaching children under stress from Olena Bozhor, a trauma therapist with many years of experience, who left Buchi with her family after two weeks spent under the bombings.

Interviews from military exercises and the dream of hugging relatives. Educators are in the Armed Forces

Educators Volodymyr and Anatoliy enrolled in the ranks of territorial defense even before the full-scale invasion of Russia into Ukraine. They say they could not sit still and felt that something was coming. Immediately men in the Armed Forces. “New Ukrainian School” spoke with Volodymyr Alekseyev, the director of the Hnidyntsi general secondary education institution of grades I-III in the Chernihiv region, and Anatoly

Kharkiv director of a school about volunteering and teaching in bomb shelters

The eastern regions of Ukraine and the educational sphere there are experiencing particularly severe destruction from the aggression of the Russian Federation. In particular, more than 200 educational institutions were affected in Kharkiv, which is almost half of the total number of them in the city. According to the Kharkiv City Council Education Department, in addition to the destruction of schools, 120,000 schoolchildren left