High-quality reconstruction of Ukraine to be! “Biden” project

From ideas to theory, from theory to practice! As part of the concept of developing projects for the development of territories of united territorial and urban communities and the reconstruction of Ukraine, thanks to the close cooperation of volunteers, scientists, designers, construction companies, the construction of social, safe, permanent housing, where our defenders and scientists can live together with families who lost their homes as a result of Russia’s military aggression.

Parallel processes of all links: preparation of documentation for land plots, legal components, project documentation, conclusion of contracts with partners, loyalty of the involved participants – made it possible to start construction of the first phase of the complex according to the “Biden” project, which currently consists of two eight-apartment buildings, in a short period of time.

Unlike projects of capital construction or temporary housing, which are offered by state structures or large private companies, the format developed by the International Construction Fund “Ukraine” with the support of the Academy of Construction of Ukraine is a compromise, namely, for a short period of construction, we get a permanent, safe, modern housing.

The need for innovative construction was commented by a member of the board of the “Association of Science and Education of Ukraine” Andriy Stanko :

“Comfortable, technological, energy-efficient and safe housing is a requirement of the times and world standards. The project integrates, without exaggeration, innovative technologies for this class of buildings, with an exceptional ability to adapt to the environment.”

The project uses the technology of monolithic construction of foundations and basements below the zero mark as a temporary shelter for people during military operations, natural or man-made disasters. During the construction of the above-ground part of the building, effective North American housing construction technology with high indicators of economic feasibility, energy efficiency, environmental friendliness and compliance with the principles of healthy housing will be used.

Ivan Nazarenko, President of the Academy of Construction of Ukraine, noted the following:

“This project was preceded by a lot of scientific work, because in order to create a new object, we made a huge analysis of existing, similar buildings, both from the point of view of construction and from the so-called quality circle, where we took into account all the criteria that should be in similar premises”

This shows that our scientists are working on innovative solutions even in such difficult, critical conditions.

The original development of the project envisages the construction of an eight-apartment building with proper financing and cooperation in 60 days, and the development of the territory and construction of the next row of houses within the next 60 days. Such houses are easily located on a small plot of land allocated on the territory of any OTG.

Settlement will take place in several stages on a competitive basis, based on the principles of transparency and openness of the process.

During the laying of the foundation and the first cubes of concrete, a memorandum of cooperation was signed between such participants as: “International Construction Fund “Ukraine”, “Association of Science and Education of Ukraine”, “BF Reconstruction and Development of Ukraine”, “Housing Ukraine”, “State Fund promotion of youth housing construction”

As a result of the fruitful activity of the BF “International Construction Fund “Ukraine” together with the “Association of Science and Education of Ukraine”, “International Association of Technology Transfer” and with the support of such organizations as “Housing Ukraine”, a specialized state institution “State Fund for the Promotion of Youth Housing Construction” » as well as international partners, signed memoranda of cooperation – the planning stage has moved to the stage of implementation of projects for the construction of social housing for educators, in particular young scientists who suffered from Russian aggression.

Academician of the Academy of Construction of Ukraine, director of the National Technical Center of ABU emphasized the need to provide housing for scientists. Head of the BIDEN program Ivan Pereghinets:

“Undoubtedly, we foresee that part of the comfortable housing under the “Biden” project can be provided to provide housing for young scientists.”

In his turn, the president of the “International Association of Technology Transfer” Artem Honcharenko emphasized the popularization of science:

“Together with the international community, to ensure support for the foundation’s activities, we will implement projects for the activation, popularization and development of science and education. Our team is already implementing IT projects to improve the level of education and globalization of domestic science.”

Allocation of housing to young scientists who suffered as a result of military actions is a big step for the return of the proper level of education and science, development of the scientific potential of Ukraine. It is worth noting that a significant part of a person’s money is directed to the purchase and arrangement of real estate, at the same time, it is not of a high standard of living. We, in turn, offer A-class housing, energy-efficient, which significantly reduces the cost of utility services, both houses on separate allocated plots and entire towns. There is also a large layer for the realization of scientific potential, projects of students and young scientists at the intersection of architecture, construction, and technologies.

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Member of the board of the “Association of Science and Education of Ukraine” Stanko Andriy, “ASEU”