We, the Public Organization (NGO) “Association of Education and Science of Ukraine”, are asking you for help. As a result of the military aggression of the Russian Federation, the entire educational sphere suffered.

Schoolchildren, students, graduate students, young scientists, teachers, professors need support and help.

Damage due to the attack of Russia

How can you help?

Who do we help?

- Educational institutions

As a result of Russian aggression, more than 2,000 educational institutions were damaged, 125 were completely destroyed.

- Education seekers

Tens of thousands of schoolchildren and students are forced to leave for other countries or leave their studies due to destroyed educational institutions, as well as due to the loss of their own housing.

- Teachers and Lecturers

Thousands of educators have lost their jobs. Incomes have disappeared or significantly decreased.


The Ukrainian economy has already lost $10 billion in consumer demand, taking into account the millions of refugees.

Despite the difficulties caused by Russia, Ukraine has been holding back and defeating a much bigger enemy. We showed the world the resilience of Ukraine, the courage of soldiers and national unity in the fight against the enemy. However, in the conditions of war, the civilian population, the infrastructure, and the worst of all, children suffer. And it is children who need significant support and attention.

Currently, in many regions of Ukraine, the educational process is being resumed in a distance form of learning or in a mixed form. However, many educators (teachers) faced the fact that they do not have the means to carry out the educational process.

In addition to ensuring the educational process, our NGO also searches for housing for temporarily displaced teachers from the war zone, as well as parents with children.

How can you help?


- Technical means

for resuming the educational process remotely from new temporary locations, namely: servers, PCs, laptops, network equipment, in particular routers, printers, accessories, projectors for organizing face-to-face training in new locations

- Housing and finances

Finding and providing educators and scientists with temporary housing in safer regions of Ukraine. Also, financial assistance for educators and scientists who lost their housing.

- Educational programms

Adaptation of existing and creation of new educational programs taking into account new challenges, based on an understanding of the need to rebuild Ukraine;